The Love of My Life !
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The Love of my Life

The internet will always be important to me because it has literally changed my life. Let me tell you about it. Four years ago, my younger daughter Jodie, decided to get herself a PC. I admit that I was terrified of it to begin with and wouldn't even touch it, although I used to sit with Jodie occasionally while she chatted with her ever-increasing circle of cyber friends! One man, Rob (who has since become one of our closest real-life friends), introduced her to a newcomer online. His name was Tim. They got on really well and she'd tell me about some of the things they'd chatted about. He sounded really interesting to me and I longed to chat to him also. I had, by that time, actually used the PC a few times - having been forced by my darling daughter - and had chatted to Rob occasionally.

First photo of Tim
Then Jodie had to have a short stay in hospital and while she was away, I plucked up the courage to chat to Tim one evening. WELL......we talked.....and talked.....and talked some more...... for hours....every night! We exchanged photographs (this is the one he sent me), and it was like - "WOW - he's gorgeous!" When I saw him, I realised that he must have been a fair bit younger than I was - nine years younger, as it turned out - and yet it felt so right when we talked.
We fell in love during that week. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I'd been a widow for nine years and, quite honestly, a relationship was the last thing I wanted. I felt that I was happy with my life - content and fulfilled - but Tim somehow touched my heart and soul.

UsTwo We had to meet face-to-face, just to see if it was real. We had started chatting in June 1997 and we met for the first time, in real life, in September that year, in London. Jodie took this photograph of us together, about an hour after we'd met !

After that first weekend, we never spent more than two weeks apart. I live in Scotland, north of Aberdeen and Tim lived in Northampton. It seemed such a long way away, but he came up here to visit me and I went to visit him a few times also. We met each others families (who probably thought we were both quite mad!) and finally, Tim moved up here, lock, stock and barrel, in December 1997 - just a few short months after we'd first met online ! I have never been happier. We are together practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Tim proposed to me a few days before my birthday last December. Needless to say, I accepted immediately and we got married on 8th July 2000 ! You can see pictures of the wedding and our guests by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.

I used to think that people who said they met on the internet must be sad and lonely people, but I was neither of those things and neither was Tim. We both had nice, ordinary lives, but when we met, it was just incredible. Love can simply hit you right between the eyes ! Hawaii

This is us in Hawaii in 1999. It was our second time there - we took Jodie with us the previous year. We swam with dolphins and flew in a helicopter over Kiluea, Hawaii's most active volcano. Awesome!!


Tim in the kitchen, looking gorgeous ! For some reason, he HATES having his photo taken. I really don't know why - to me, he seems very photogenic. Definitely more so than yours truly!

Horseriding on Kauai
Finally, here's a lovely pic of Tim and I horseriding on the beautiful island of Kauai a couple of years ago.

Oh and yes......Rob (who first brought Tim and I together) did come to the wedding !

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