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This page is all about strange things which have happened here in this house since I've lived here.

Hands up all you sceptics out there ! I was once a sceptic too, but so many things have happened here, most of which just can't be explained by logic.

I moved out here in 1989 and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I adore it here, despite the spooky goings-on. Things were fine when me and the children first moved here, but a few months later, we had one of the paddocks ploughed. We found various pieces of pottery etc, which had, presumably, belonged to the previous owners of the old farmhouse which used to stand here, before our house was built. I don't know if this has any bearing on the odd occurences, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Here are some of the things which have happened over the years.............

The most common thing is hearing someone walking about upstairs. It's not like the house creaking, it is definitely a series of footsteps.

One that really made me jump was, late one evening, I was carrying some towels upstairs and as I passed a window, there was a loud rapping on the glass. Now, this window is about 12 feet above ground level and you'd need a ladder to reach it ! We checked, and there was no-one outside.

Here's a picture showing the window from the outside. That's my son Craig below it and he is 6ft 5ins tall, so you can see how far above the ground it is.

The piano has been heard to play (not very melodically) a few times by various people and the television and video used to stop and start of their own accord.

Objects have appeared in my bedroom while I've actually been sitting there! I was reading a book one day beside the bed. There had been nothing on the bedcover, but when I looked up, there was a feather lying there. Here's a picture of the feather, with a normal-sized paperclip beside for size comparison.

Also in my bedroom, I was reading (again!) and I heard something hitting the floor right beside my feet. I looked, and to my astonishment, I found the piece of metal which you can see in these pictures. I have absolutely no idea where these objects may have come from and can find no explanation for their appearance.

Piece of metal Piece of metal again

My son-in-law Simon, was once standing at the kitchen door one evening, at an angle to the microwave oven across the room and when he happened to take a glance at it, he could see a face reflected there, although there was no-one actually in the room. That really freaked him out.

One of the events which had the most witnesses, happened in our lounge. My son Craig was in a band at the time and they regularly used our lounge for their rehearsals. One evening there must have been about 10-12 people there (including me). In the corner of the room, on the mantelpiece, was a lamp which I had inherited from my mother-in-law. We all noticed that it was flickering on and off. We watched it for a few seconds and then I went over to check the bulb ...... and discovered that it wasn't even plugged in to the socket ! How can that be ?

A window, which had been stuck fast (closed) ever since I moved here, was wide open one day when I came home.

Things have been actually seen by my daughter Kerry, jumping off a window ledge from BEHIND other objects. She has also seen a little girl standing at the foot of her bed. Most recently, she saw, and heard, someone pass the kitchen door, even though everyone who was in the house was sitting at the table with her.

A drinking glass, standing on the worktop in the kitchen, was found to have cracks in it which look like the letter "B". My daughter Jodie came downstairs one morning and found it. There are no other cracks in it and it was still upright, as it had been the previous evening. On a lighter note, Jodie still thinks it looks like a penguin, which I suppose, it does !! Here's a picture of it. What do you think ?


Jodie has heard someone calling for her quite a few times. It scared her when she was younger, but it fascinates her now.

Simon heard footsteps one day while he was out here alone, checking the house whilst Tim and I were away on honeymoon. He thought nothing of it because he'd heard them so many times before. But when he was about to open the front door to leave, he heard a voice right behind him saying, "It's me". He was really scared and ran out without looking back. I don't blame him.

The thing that scared ME the most though, happened while Jodie and I were decorating my bedroom, just before Tim moved up. We were washing brushes in the bath when someone actually PUSHED me. I felt physical contact on my back. It wasn't Jodie, who was using both hands at the time and anyway, she was standing too far away. I don't know who it was, or why it happened, but it did scare me.

Since Tim moved here, the events have become much less common. Tim says he sometimes hears someone walking by my side of the bed while I'm asleep though. For the last couple of weeks, the light in the room where I have my computer, keeps turning off after I've left. I'll go downstairs to make a coffee or something KNOWING that I left the light on, and when I come back up, it's off.

So... what do you think ? As I said, I was a sceptic and even now, I try to find logical explanations for these things, but some of the defy logic. Please feel free to email me if you have ideas, or opinions, on this subject. My address is at the bottom of the page and I'd love to hear from you.

It's strange, but even with all this stuff going on, I still love it here and wouldn't dream of moving.

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