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We Love Scuba Diving !

Tim and I have just become PADI Certified Open Water Scuba Divers ! We finally completed the course and qualified on Saturday 9th June 2001, so now we have an internationally recognised qualification, so no matter where we go, we will be able to dive if we want to.

Tim snorkelling Brenda snorkelling

Here are Tim and I snorkelling in our local swimming pool.

Both of us had completed our confined water dives (in the swimming pool) and our dry-suit dive, a few weeks ago, but we just had to wait for the weather to improve enough so that we could do our open water dives.
The weather here on the north-east of Scotland is very unpredictable and the water is ALWAYS cold, so we always have to dive with dry-suits.

Our good friends Andrew and Fiona have both recently become qualified divers and it will be lovely to go and dive with them. Here's Andrew on the left below, snorkelling in the pool. On the right, is Colin - one of our PADI diving instructors. He was teaching some other students when I took this photo !

Andrew snorkelling Colin, our instructor

I've always fancied doing underwater photography so Tim bought me an underwater camera a couple of weeks ago. The last time we were in the pool, I took it along and just snapped away. We weren't actually Scuba diving - only snorkelling so it wasn't easy to keep still under the water, but the results are here on this page. Not perfect by any means, but not TOO bad for a first attempt either !

Here's me, the waterbaby !! A mask and snorkel don't really do much for one's looks, do they ? :o)


Tim - showing off his tattoo underwater ! I love the way the bubbles from his snorkel have come out in the photo.

Tim underwater

Last summer, Tim and I also completed a course and are now qualified Marine Mammal Medics, so now if there are any seals, dolphins or whales which become stranded near us, we can be called upon to help them.

As our diving and our photography improve, I'll put more bits and pieces on this page, so keep checking back.

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