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We're mad about tattoos !

This is quite along page and as there are quite a few pictures on it, I have put them in as thumbnails so the page doesn't take quite so long to load. If you want to see the larger version, just click on the thumbnail, then click "BACK" to return to this page.

My son Craig was the first of my family to get a tattoo, but we all caught the bug in the end !
Misfits Logo
His first one was the 'skull' logo of the band "The Misfits" and he got it one on his upper arm. One of his heroes was Cliff Burton of Metallica and one of his favourite bands was The Misfits", so Craig got the tattoo as a tribute to Cliff, who died so tragically. He then got the dragon circle on his chest, followed by the arrow rune, both of which you can see below. These weren't done by Stix, who hadn't opened his shop yet, so we didn't even know he existed, more's the pity !

Craig's Chest Finally, Craig got the coloured one below. It's on his lower leg and features the name of his band at the time - "White Deth". It was done by a friend who was visiting from France and the quality isn't very good, but it's a permanent reminder of his band days ! White Deth Logo At least Craig got it on his leg, which is more or less permanently covered...one of his fellow bandmembers, got the same tattoo on his arm and he can't hide it all the time. Bet he regrets that !

Kerry and Simon began to get tattoos round about the same time as each other and have FAR too many to tell you about them all ! Here are some pictures of some of them though.

Kerry's Fairies
On the left, is Kerry's thigh. The girls and I love Flower Fairies, so we browsed through some books about them and picked out our favourites. We took them to Stix, our tattoo artist, and he drew up composites for us to approve and the rest is history ! You can see my fairy tattoo later on.
Kerry's Arm The picture on the right, is Kerry's left upper arm. I love this one and think it is really beautiful. It's not a very good picture, but if you look closely, you might be able to see tiny fairies dancing round the lady.

Kerry's back Kerry's Right Arm

In the two pictures above, you can see an abstract design on the left side of Kerry's back and also a lovely stylized seahorse on her right upper arm. The band was added later - just before her wedding to Simon.

Here are a couple of Simon's tattoos.....
The Seeker
The one on the right, is a picture called "The Seeker" and once again, it's by Stix who is rightly very proud of this tattoo. The detail on it is just incredible. The wolf on his shoulder, was done quite a while ago, but I feel it fits in nicely with the big picture.
Simon's Leg
The picture on the left shows a gargoyle. He has it on his left outer calf and it was done at the "Ink and Iron" show in Birmingham quite a while ago.

In the Swimming Pool

Here's a lovely picture of Kerry and Simon showing off their tattoos - and the babies - in the Moat House Hotel swimming pool in Northampton.

Here is Jodie's Fairy ....

Jodie's Fairy
Jodie has one beautiful flower fairy on her right shoulder, as you can see here. This was her very first tattoo and she loves it! She also a small tribal design on her leg which matches one which Wilson has on his wrist. Matching Tattoos Wilson has quite a few tattoos also. I actually got him in front of my camera recently and I took these pictures of some more of his tattoos. I'm not sure who the artist was for these ones - I'll have to ask him, next time I get the chance !
Wilson's shoulder Wilson's left arm Wilson again

Jodie's best friend Joanne also has some tattoos as you can see below. Once again, I'm not sure who did these.

Joanne's left leg Joanne's right leg

Below on the left, is Joanne's most recent tattoo, done by Stix and I think it's absolutely beautiful ! She found the picture in a book and fell in love with her. Beside it, are Jodie and Joanne showing off their matching pentacle tattoos on the backs of their necks.
Joanne's backpiece Matching pentacles

My Fairies

As for me, I have quite a few tattoos to date ! My first one was a small flower at the top of my right leg and from then on, things got bigger - and better ! My next was the gorgeous orchids on my left shoulder, (which you can see in the picture of my backpiece) followed by the flower fairies on my left thigh, which you can see here......

I then got a line of ivy leaves and tendrils starting on the small of my back and spreading out over both hips. After that, was my lovely band of butterflies round my right upper arm, which you can just see in the backpiece picture also. I've put a separate picture of the band farther down the page so you can see it properly, because it's so gorgeous.
centaur Next, was my magnificent centaur backpiece. I loved the picture when I saw it in one of Tim's books, but because I'm a Sagittarius, it means even more to me. Here's the centaur....
This picture was taken the day after he was completed, hence the reddish colour. Now that it has totally healed, it is the same black and grey tones of the flowers on my shoulder.
Below on the left, is a picture of Stix doing the outline of the band of butterflies round my right upper arm and in the centre, is the finished product. I adore this tattoo, it's my favourite one and I'm delighted to announce that it won the "Best Female Black & Skin - Small" trophy at the 1st Granite City Tattoo and BodyArt Convention, in Aberdeen, on the weekend of 6th and 7th May!!! I'm absolutely THRILLED!!

outline butterflies

My next tattoo was the ivy which began as a band round my right ankle. I got it done about a month before the Aberdeen Convention and it is the ONLY tattoo which I felt painful getting done but the end result is beautiful. Stix did it freehand and I think he's done a wonderful job on it. During the Convention, Stix extended the ivy about half way up the outside of my calf and you can see the result below.

Ankle Ankle updated

Finished leg
HOWEVER...Stix has now extended it all the way up the outside of my leg and here's the result ! This tattoo won Best Leg at the 2nd Granite City Tattoo Convention in 2001.
Rune stone
My latest tattoo is this lovely rune, which is on the inside of my left ankle. It took a long, long time to heal, but I love it !

Finally Tim. He had been thinking about getting a tattoo for quite some time, but hadn't found anything he really liked. He was looking at a book of Celtic borders one day last year and finally found what he'd been looking for ! It's really intricate and was hard to do, but the end result is well worth the effort. You can see it in the picture below on the right.
Tim's Back Tim's second tattoo is the HUGE backpiece you can see here. On the left, is a picture taken after one of the first sessions and below in the centre, is the completed backpiece. All in all, it has taken seven long months to complete. It's been a labour of love for both Tim and Stix, but when you see the finished article, you just KNOW the time and effort was all worthwhile. I think it's simply spectacular.

Making Progress Backpiece Completed Celtic Band

Tim has had three more tattoos done now and I've finally got the pictures to show you !

Celtic arm The one on the left was done at the Belfast Tattoo Convention last year. Naturally, it was done by Stix and it will eventually be extended to appear below the celtic band.
Tim found this picture (right)on the sleeve of a book he was reading and wanted it done. There are no shadows round it because, as Stix said, knowing Tim, he'll want to get it expanded upon someday !! It's not a very good picture because the hilt is out of focus, but I'll try to get a better one soon.
Royo Leg
Finally, for now, Tim saw this lovely picture in a portfolio of the artist Royo's work, which Stix had in his studio. It's on the outside thigh of his left leg.

As you can see by pictures, we are all BIG fans of black'n'grey tattoos! All of our work, apart from the very early ones, were done by Stix, who works in Aberdeen, Scotland from his studio, Draconian Tattoo. If you want to see more of his amazing artwork, click on the "Draconian Tattoo" link on my Main Page.

A word of warning to end with. If you ever do decide to get a tattoo, be warned - the are extremely addictive !! Even if you only want one, the odds are that you'll eventually end up with quite a few !!

In 2000, Tim and I, along with Stix and Emma and some more of our friends from Draconian Tattoo, travelled over to Belfast for their 1st Tattoo Convention. We had a wonderful time there and Tim and I both got new tattoos from Stix. I've been busy writing that page and I've finally got it done, so now you can see the pictures and find out if we won any trophies ! Just click on the link below.

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