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Our Piercings
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Apart from tattoos, my family all have piercings also. I'm sure our grandchildren, Cameron Kali and Aaliyah, will grow up to think that people with NO tattoos or piercings, look strange !!

My son Craig had a ring in his eyebrow since he was at school. It had healed so well, that he could take it out for months on end and still have no problems getting it back in again. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a photo of him wearing it, but I'll keep looking for one.

My elder daughter Kerry has the most piercings. Kerry's right earIf you look at the left hand photo, you can see that she has rings all the way up her right ear. She has stretched the hole at the bottom of her lobe and now wears a flesh tunnel there. As you can see, she also has her tragus pierced. Kerry's EarIn her left ear, shown here, she has an unusual diagonal piercing. It took quite a time to heal properly and was it was a bit sore for Kerry (and awkward for our piercer), but she says it's worth it !
Kerry's facial piercings
Kerry also has her nostril, septum, labret and tongue pierced. She used to have her eyebrow and her navel pierced, but sadly, over time, these both grew out. In this picture, she is wearing a keeper in her septum, so that the piercing isn't visible. She only wears a ring there when she goes for a night out !!

Kerry's husband Simon has had a multitude of various piercings over the years - nostril, ears, labret, nipples - but he gets fed up with them and ends up taking them out !!

Jodie's facial piercings
My younger daughter Jodie, like Kerry, has rings right up one ear and a couple in the other. She also has her nostril, labret, tongue and septum pierced.

She got one nipple pierced a couple of years ago and she says that it was quite an easy piercing to have done and, in her case, it didn't take long to heal. She loves it ! She had her labret done a few weeks ago, just after Tim and I got married and I'll put a new picture of her on here as soon as I can.

Here's an updated dated picture of my daughters, Jodie and Kerry, taken in August 2002.

Jodie and Kerry

My husband Tim, has his left ear pierced and, many years ago after a drunken night out in Cyprus, (before I met him) he got his frenum done. He doesn't wear anything it in very often, but he finds it very easy to get a ring in, even if he hasn't worn anything for months. I think he would really suit a bar in his eyebrow, but he insists that two piercings are enough for him.

As for me, apart from my ears, I have a ring in my nostril and a stud in my tongue. a few years ago, I had to have emergency surgery and had to take both of them out, but I missed them SO much, I just had to get them done again. Getting my nose re-done was incredibly painful because I told my piercer, Michelle, to use the original hole. Well, it was quite hard for her to get the needle through the scar tissue and it really made my eyes water, but she got there in the end, thankfully ! Unlike the first time I had my tongue pierced, the rerun was unbelievably pain-free. I could twist it round and play about with it in my mouth after only two days. It took a couple of months before I could do that the first time round!

I didn't think I'd be getting any more piercings done, but recently I've been thinking more and more about getting my eyebrow done. If I decide to go ahead with it, I'll post a picture on this very page to let you all see !!
Anyway, check this page again soon, because I'll have more pictures on it very shortly.

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